What Can Proculus Do for Your Business?

Our Intelligent Display solutions combine technology and usability in hardware and software projects to help you achieve more efficient processes at a low cost.

Access a complete module with excellent usability for diverse segments and projects. Our Android Display provides everything needed to create modern apps and integrate them on any device.

It includes ready-made and easy-to-program communication interfaces, smart displays, graphic interface creation software, and high-quality display accessories, all available at Proculus.

Proculus Technologies' innovative high-performance GUI solutions enable product designers across many different embedded markets to easily achieve smartphone-like interfaces on new and existing 8-bit microcontroller-based applications.

As embedded technologies around the world are becoming more advanced and consumer expectations rise, a well-designed user interface lies at the forefront of a product's success. The GUI must be feature-rich and sophisticated, yet easy to use.

At Proculus Technologies, we support different TFT displays and touch panel technologies. You can transition from evaluation to prototyping and finally production seamlessly, no matter what industry you are in.

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